Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. This place is visited by large numbers of international and Indian tourists each year because of its beaches, religious places, and world heritage architecture.

If you are planning your vacation, you would easily get the accommodation according to your budget. Besides staying in expensive hotels, localities have found a new way of their source of income in the form of homestay, where people will make you stay as their paying guest and they will charge a reasonable amount and will make you feel like home. Another option is Holiday Home, where a house or flat that owns in addition to their usual home and uses for holidays. You can make these booking through an online store.


Good to opt Homestay rather than hotels

Homestays are emerging in demand as compared to hotels, especially in touristy places. They offer almost same facilities at reasonable prices. Now, you can book a stay through online too. Getting a home cooked food, chance to interact with new people; knowing their culture, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Some benefits that you should go for homestay:-

Meet Localities: –You can make interactions with local people which you can’t experience in another form of accommodation, get to know new things and explore the city in a better way.

Local Cultures and Customs: – Before making any plan, you read a lot about the destination but the only way to really get to know about the place is by experiencing first hand. In the homestay, your host will share their culture which other accommodations will not offer you the same.

Solo travelers: Travelling alone is another great experience and getting a homespun environment is like getting a bonus. You will get a chance to meet interesting people, share stories, experiences, get to know the interesting facts and explore the place through the eyes of the locals.

Savings: Staying as paying guest or in Holiday Home and save the money as they charge reasonable as compared to hotels or resorts.

Cuisines: Every state has its own specialty likewise Goa is known for sea food. To make you aware of their place, you host might make sea food to get the local flavor or make Maggie or boiled eggs on demand which you generally don’t get in luxurious hotels as well.

Best time to visit Goa


For having fun and chilling with friends and family, this place can be visited anytime in the year.I If you wish to tan your body under the summer rays, beaches offer you the exotic ambiance. Particularly, the best time to visit this place is November to February where you can explore the city, enjoy the weather and relax on the beaches.

Top 5 beaches of Goa where you can get Holiday Home for getting pleasure of following:

Mandrem Beach:

Mandrem Beach

It is one of the beautiful beaches of Asia. Though you won’t find any adventures activities like water sports, you can relax and enjoy the sunset and breathtaking views of nature .You can enjoy the company of cooling breeze and sound of the waves. The sparkling sands make you leave open mouthed. For accommodation, you will find beach huts and hotels closely located to the beach.

Agonda Beach:

Agonda Beach

It is situated in South Goa and one of the best scenic beaches of Asia. It is much visited by tourists as people find the adventurous activities like Paragliding, swimming and other water sports activities which people come for. The beach has dolphin spot also for which you have to take a ride on a boat. You could rent a tent and enjoy the sounds of crashing of waves. As Goa is known for sea food, there is variety of sea food that you do not have to travel too far to relish good food.

Baga Beach:

It is one of the popular and most crowded beaches in Goa as it is renowned for its water sports and an amazing nightlife along with delicious seafood. You can also enjoy banana boat rides and parasailing. It’s a shopping paradise for tourist as you can get funky t-shirts, caps, bags etc.

Candolim Beach:


It is situated at a distance of 13km at the north of Panaji. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. While going on long drive at this place you will come across numerous restaurants serving best cuisines and shops selling all unique stuffs that you must love to buy. The most amazing feature about this beach is dunes are situated right at the back of Candolim, which attracts the tourist’s attraction and makes this beach different from other beaches.

Cavelossium Beach:

It is situated at Sal riverbank, Flanked by paddy field and coconut groves. It is less crowded as compared to another beach. If you are looking some peaceful place, this beach will take you in peace.

You must have stayed in hotels or resorts but I am pretty sure once you will take the experience of homestay, it becomes one of the best parts of a memory of your life.

For Explore the best accommodations in goa, take a look at our Homestays in Goa to help you to plan a visit in this fantastic place of India.


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