Royal Rajasthan

Have you ever been to a place where you can feel like living in the era where kings were ruling and royal families were living in great forts, Havelis, and royal places? In contemporary world whether you have ever thought of place where still there is place, which has successfully preserved its traditional values, cultures, rituals, religions, cuisines, and even at times traditional outfits although the people of such place are enjoying all the kinds of ultra modern amenities available in any cosmopolitan city across the world. If your answer is “No” then you must book your ticket for Rajasthan, which is the western most as well as the largest state in India.

If you go through the history of Rajasthan you will find that it was the land divided into several kingdoms where different Rajput kings were the rulers and live a royal life just like any of the king across the world. Different Rajput kings during their reign built several forts to protect their empire and kingdoms. Further, they also built grand palaces where they lived with their families. In addition, the elite class people in their kingdom used to live in huge Havellis where they used to get all the comforts available when they lived. Thus, in Rajasthan, you will find a kind of royal touch at every corner of the land.

Along with royal culture, forts, museums, and ethnic lifestyle of people of Rajasthan you can also find the place interesting because of its high level of religious tolerance, cuisines, dances, desert, and unparallel hospitality and care offered by local people to tourists visiting Rajasthan from different corners of the India and different countries of the world. The state of India is the only place in the world where under one roof you can view the perfect blend of irresistible natural beauty, great architecture, great history, varied geographical locations, and above all rich cultural values, which you can feel in soil and air of Rajasthan.

Although there are several destinations in Rajasthan where once you will spend few days never feel like coming back to your home or may try to settle there for any silly reason. However, out of several places, there are few places like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jodhpur where you can see the real beauty of the Royal Rajasthan and will get the same treatment royal treatment till date just like Rajput kings offered to their guests. Let’s discuss one by one each place so that you can get the close view of Rajasthan before you visit this royal land of kings.


(Places to stay in bikaner)

Bikaner is one of the royal cities of Rajasthan where tourists can easily reach by hiring cabs, taxis, tourists’ buses, and even by public transports from Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan. However, in this regard, it will be always recommended to hire private cabs, taxis, and luxury class tourists’ buses to make your reach to Bikaner comfortable and easier.

If we are talking about Bikaner it will be always advised that tourists’ coming to the place must visit the following places:

Gajner Palace:

Gajner Palace

The palace is just like most beautiful and glittering gem that one can find in The Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The palace is in itself great ancient heritage, which was built when H.H. Maharaja Sir Ganga Singhji was the king of the place. The palace is covering approximately 6000 acres, which is the huge piece of land. Traditionally, the fort was like rest house of the kings who visited here for hunting.

Karni Mata Temple:

Karni Mata Temple

It is the oldest temple in Bikaner where ancient Rajput kings and their family frequently visited for worshiping the goddess “Karni Mata” as their belief was the goddess will always protect their family and kingdom from enemies and other natural calamities. In the temple, tourists can find amazing love between local residents and rats residing in the temple as local people are the messenger of the god.

Junagarh Fort:


In the medieval era, the fort was built when Raja Rai Singh who was the ruler or we can say the king of Bikaner. In Junagarh Fort, the king and his family members lived and at present, the fort is like the museum where one can find the weapons, ornaments, and other belongings of the king and his family.

What are the things tourists can do in Bikaner to make their trip enjoyable and memorable?

In Bikaner is the place where tourists having any choices like tasting unique cuisines, fun & adventure, eternal peace of mind, honeymoon trip, and tourists who want to do some creative works can find the place best suited to them. The reason behind the fact is that the place has different faces where everyone having a varied interest can enjoy a lot. In Bikaner, fun, and adventure loving tourists can go on the camel safari, which is specially designed to promote tourism in Bikaner.

On another hand, if you are looking for peace as you are tired and stressed because of the busy life, want to do unique creative work, or on a honeymoon where you are looking for privacy then you can spend hours alone or with your beloved companions in the Thar Desert. Further, when it comes to cuisines food lovers can taste the ethnic Rajasthani thali, which was traditionally several to people belonging to royal families of Rajasthan. Thus, in the very precise way we can narrate by planning your vacation at Bikaner you will never come across disappointment.


(Places to stay in Jaisalmer)

Jaisalmer is the most popular city of Rajasthan because of its unique culture, tradition, apparel, dance, rituals, and above all because of the Thar Desert. The city is also named the “Golden City” as it looks golden in color because of the Thar Desert. The city has its own strategic position on Indian map as it is located on the western frontier of Indian Territory; thus, you can also view Indo-Pak border from the city’s remote area.  Tourists can reach the Golden City by train, airways, roadways, book luxury class tourists’ buses, hiring taxis, cabs, and you can also easily get self-driven cabs for reaching Jaisalmer with comfort and without any hassle.

Hottest destination of Jaisalmer where tourists can visit

Jaisalmer Fort:

Jaisalmer fort

At the fort, you will always get heavenly view during sunset as you can see the classy blend of amazing color of sunset and golden view of sands surround the fort. Due to this reason, the fort is also named as “Sonar Quila”, which means fort made of gold. It is lively fort as still people live within the fort in their ancestors’ havelis and work. In addition, the fort will show you great architectural work made by ancient architects.

GadiSar Lake:


It is the unique lake of Jaisalmer as it gets the supply of water from rain only and we can say the lake is the main source by which most of the local people get their water supply. The lake has awesome look as it is surrounded by small tombs and temples of different gods and goddesses. In addition, in the lake, you can go for boating for recreation.

Sam Sand Dunes:

Sam Sand Dunes

If you really want to get the feel of The Great Sahara Desert in India then you must visit once Sam Sand Dunes. Although the place is few km’s away from the main city of Jaisalmer yet you will never afford to miss visiting the place for getting most exotic experience.

The things that you can do in Jaisalmer to make your trip that you will cherish forever

The most amazing thing is camel safari that you can hardly do anywhere else across the world that you can do in Jaisalmer while spending vacations.  In Jaisalmer tourists coming from different corners of India and world can go for most adventurous and fun filled camel safari. Further, you and your beloved companions can do loads of shopping in the markets of the city where one can buy rarest handmade bronze statues, silk items, art on silver jewelry, and other ethnic handicrafts of the city. Further, you can also reach to Indian crafts Boutique-Museum where you can see the showcase of unique and eye catchy handicrafts.


(Places to stay in Udaipur)

Udaipur is the city in Rajasthan, which is not only famous across the India because of its attractive forts, royal palaces, beautiful gardens, clean lakes, and other destination you can spend romantic time along with your beloved companion especially when you are on your honeymoon. It can clearly show the city is famous across the world as 13th James Bond had several scenes in which different places Udaipur is there.

Most attractive places of Udaipur

Udaipur City Palace:

City palace Udaipur

The Udaipur City Palace is not just other common palaces that you can see in Rajasthan. It is the very complex place, which every tourist like to discover as in the palace tourists can find great perfection of blending of Rajputana, Mughal, European, and Chinese architectural works.

Fateh Sagar Lake:

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

The Lake is spreading over the huge piece of land although it is an artificial lake built during the rule of Maharana. It is the lake in which you will be thrilled to find three islands and each has the unique surprise for tourists visiting here, which makes it hottest tourists’ attraction of Rajasthan.

Gulab Bagh and Zoo:


If you are in Udaipur and looking for the most romantic spot to spend your time then you must visit Gulab Bagh, which means rose garden. The garden is very close to Lake Pichhola and was built while Maharaja Sajjan Singh was the king of the city.



It is a museum, which was built with the wish of Amir Chand Badwa who was the prime minister of Mewar Kingdom in the eighteenth century. In the museum, tourists can see the great work classical painting and unparallel glass works.

The most interesting things that tourists can do at Udaipur

The most interesting things that tourists can do at Udaipur are learning painting, cooking, stone carving, and so on at Backstreet Academy. Further, tourists can also attend interesting cultural shows like Dharohar Dance Show, Puppet Show, Shilpgram, and several other activities that can add flavor to their holidays in Jhodpur.


(Places to stay in Jaipur)

As we all know Jaipur is the heart of Rajasthan as it is the capital city of this beautiful state. The city is also termed are the Pink City from the beginning as the color of almost all houses in the city is of Pink color, which offers its such look when you see from some height. The city has great historical heritage yet the city is swiftly transforming into cosmopolitan cities of India.

Mind blowing tourists’ attractions of Jaipur

Amber Fort:


Although in Jaipur tourists can find several forts like Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort still Amber fort holds the most important position. The fort was built in a unique style showing the perfect combination of Hindu and Muslim art. It was built during the rule of Raja Man Singh and at present, the fort is one of the world heritage forts in the state of Rajasthan.

Water Palace:

Water Palace

It is the unique palace across the world built in the midst of Man Sagar Lake. Further, if you really want to see the fine blend of Mughal and Rajputana architecture in Rajasthan the fort will be standing first in India.

Galtaji Temple:

Galtaji Temple

The temple is one of the ancient temples built in Rajasthan by the Rajput Kings. The temple is very close to Sisodia Rani Garden. Each day thousands of Hindu devotees and tourists visit the temple to get the divine spiritual feeling at this temple.

Unique things one can do in Jaipur

If you are in Jaipur you never have to ask for the reason why you should be there. There are several things you can do in Jaipur like viewing Amber Fort Sound and Light Show,  B.M. Birla Auditorium and Conference Hall, spend auspicious time at Heiwa Heaven The Resort, and above all, you can become part of Gangaur Festival known across the world for its unique style of celebration.


(Places to stay in Jodhpur)

Have you ever hear about gate way to the Thar Desert if “Not” then you should know that Jodhpur is the city, which is also famous with the name. Further, another famous name of the city is the “Sun City” as it gets awesome sun shine every day.

The most search places of Jodhpur where you must visit

Mehrangarh Fort:

Mehrangarh Fort

The fort is the largest fort ever built in the state of Rajasthan. The whole city of Jodhpur is around the fort from the time of inception. For viewing each corner of the fort is not an easy task of for any tourists in just a single day as it was built in so complex manner.

Umaid Bhawan Palace:

Umaid Bhawan Palace

The palace is although very new as it was the last fort built in Rajasthan in the year 1944. The fort has grand look but now the fort has been transformed into the 5-star hotel and there is also a museum in it. Thus, tourists can stay in the palace like the guest and get royal hospitality of Rajasthan.

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