Top 5 paradises of Karnataka

Karnataka is a tapestry of color, flavors, culture, heritage, landscape and the breathtaking the beauty of nature. It’s a place where the lush green mountains spread themselves under the serene mist of clouds and cast their spell by giving a peek-a-boo of the sunshine. It has the meadows and the carelessly flowing white waters giving us a spectacular view of nature’s majesty. Located in the part of the Deccan plateau, the flavourful amalgamation of nature and culture is what which gives Karnataka its soul.

Cities are running to catch the time relentlessly and then embracing the sea, disappearing into the quietness of thick forests or people running incessantly to keep up with the world. Karnataka gives you the experience of a lifetime. A host to the myriad of powerful dynasties and rulers, the state has graciously carried on itself the legacy of art, culture, and heritage for time and over.

The history of Karnataka remarks that it has been ruled by several dynasties starting from the Vijayanagar dynasty to the Bijapur Sultanate to the Wodeyars, leaving an impact of a pot culture which perfectly blends the flavors of diversity.

In art, drama, dance, music, theatre, poetry, and scholarly articles, Karnataka has accomplished to bring in the legacy of learning and knowledge impressively. The geography of Karnataka is diverse, with the coastal sea surrounding it and the interior hosting mountains with the fresh water lakes. Ranging from the roaring sea beaches, hustle and bustle of the cities to the serendipity of the mountains, Karnataka has everything to offer you on its palate.

It is not only nature which has blessed in abundance to the beauty of Karnataka, but also the architecture, food, fabric, fine arts and drama which are devotedly practiced since decades. The state is like a home to the finest of temples, forts, and palaces which stand out as marvelous pieces of architecture, depicting the aged old culture of the state.

Karnataka offers a lot to your taste buds. The authentic South Indian food with the blend of spices and techniques would give anyone a feast of the lifetime. The varieties of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes including the Udipi, Mangalorean and the Malnadu cuisines are served here. The staple dishes from the rice and the Ragi in the southern region to the delicious seafood from the coast, an authentic Karnataka cuisine is what you need to satiate your quest for taste.

If you have never visited a place where despite such grounded roots of heritage, culture,   cuisines, art, and crafts and traditional attires, people live a modern life with the belief in science and where technology has spread to an extent to give an IT hub of the nation- Bengaluru, then you should visit Karnataka.

Although, Karnataka in a whole is a package which would make it difficult for you to leave after your voyage, let us see some of the places stupendously lure you to visit them.


(Place to stay in Coorg)


Coorg, also known as Kodagu is a natural marvel. It is famous for its flawless scenic beauty. If you are a nature lover and want to admire the miraculous aesthetics created by nature, then Coorg is the ideal place for you. The nearest railway station is Mysore, and then a cab ride for about an hour can take you to Coorg. It is well connected by roads to Bengaluru and Mysore.

Tourists visiting Coorg must not miss out to visit the following places-

ABBEY FALLS- it is the center of attraction among tourists. There is a waterfall and even during dry periods, the water is plenty. The roars of the waterfall are loud and it can be heard from the road. You can also visit the coffee plantations from the path surrounding the falls. Don’t forget to take your binoculars and cameras to watch out for the chirping birds and another natural habitat. Swimming in the falls is not allowed.

HONAMMANA KERE-It is a holy and a sacred place with the temple of the goddess Honamma Devi. There is a lake surrounded by the coffee plantations, and viewing them is a treat to the eyes. The landscape is very beautiful. Every year, during the Gowri festival, the temple and the lake are decorated and freshwater offering is made to the goddess.

Pushpagiri and Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary- it is a part of the country’s first bio-reserves, there are forest tours and trekking. One can watch bison, spotted deer, elephant, peacock, jungle fowl, tiger, etc. If you are lucky you can also get a sight of Panther.

Madikeri Fort- it houses a Ganesh temple, a chapel, a district prison and a small museum. It is one of the most beautiful views to the Madikeri. It was reconstructed by the ruler Tipu Sultan.

Raja’s seat- it is believed that the kings of Kodagu spent their evenings here. You see the mesmerizing view of the sunset. A musical fountain is also located near the place.

Things you can do if you are visiting Coorg to make your journey special.

River rafting, trekking, and campfires are a great activity to satisfy your thrill for adventure. Coorg is famous for its honey, cardamom, spices, and coffee. A wide range of variety in authentic Karnataka food is also served there. Dishes; such as Kudubu, chutney and Kadli Saar is the native dish of corgi cuisine.

You can also experience the Ayurveda massage to rejuvenate yourself from the stress and tiredness. Also, for drinks, toddy and local Coorg wine are the best options to try out.

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Bengaluru or Bangalore

(Places to stay in Bangalore)


The city is known for its blend of the heritage with science. It is one of the biggest cities in the country and stands out in Karnataka for its unique is a leading city of the country and is well known for its contribution to the IT sector. It is well connected by roads, train and has an access to the international airport. The native language is Kannada, but locals also communicate in English. It is a cosmopolitan city.

These are the places you should visit when you are in Bengaluru.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

It was a summer retreat to Tipu Sultan. The two storied building hilltop with wooden pieces and also has pillars and balconies with a beautiful view. It also has a small museum about the life of Tipu Sultan.

Dakshinamukhi Nandeeshwara Temple

It is a very old temple in the heart of the city. The specialty of the temple is THE naturally flowing pure and fresh water from the mouth of the Nandi, which is placed above the Shivalinga- a form of Lord Shiva. The water is also said to have medicinal properties.

Sri Ramakrishna Ashram

It is a must visit if you enjoy meditation. The Ashram consists of a hall, a Veda school, and a beautiful park. Shri Sharada Devi once meditated in the park and the stone where Swami Vivekananda sat to meditate is also kept preserved.

Things to do while you are in Bengaluru

There is a range of adventure sports like Rappelling, Mountain climbing, camping at the Gunjoor Lake, and lots of fun activities. You can also explore the underground caves and find the hidden mysteries in them. For satisfying your taste buds, you can try the authentic Rava Dosa, and eat your breakfast at the market stalls inside the KR market.

Mysuru or Mysore

(Places to stay in Mysore)


Commonly known as Mysore, has a history dating back to thousands of is believed that goddess Chamundi killed the demon Mahisasur at this place, and thus it is named Mysore. It is one of the major cities of Karnataka and it is well connected with roads, railways, and airways. The city is famous for its food, cloth, and temples.

Some places you should visit when you are in Mysuru.

Brindavan Gardens

The gardens are situated at the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. There is a musical fountain show at the evening. The garden has lots of variety of flowers and plants, trimmed in the shapes of birds, animals or things. These gardens are very famous among the children as they love to see the fountains dancing.

Chamundi Hills

There is a temple of goddess Chamundi on the hills. A statue of the demon Mahi Sa Sur is also in the hills, which is visible from anywhere in the city. The beautiful idol of the goddess is placed in the temple and the view from the hilltop is mesmerizing. There are buses to take you up a hill.

Mysore Palace

Intricately carved with the ornamental designs out of wood, the palace is a huge abode of the Maharaja of Mysore and the royal family. On weekends and on festive days, the palace is decorated with lights in the evening. The palace depicts the life of the royals of Mysore and the history of the rise of Mysore city.

Let us look at some of the things you should do if you want to make your visit to Mysore a memorable one.

If you enjoy trekking, you should climb the Chamundi hills on foot. The best time to visit Mysore is during the festival of Dussehra. The entire city is lit with colorful lights and there is a huge procession to the temple, where the elephant takes the howdah on the back and place it in the goddess temple. You can savor your tongue at the Devaraja market with the delicacies of the Mysore cuisines like Mysore Pak, Bisibele that, Masala poori and Ragi muddle. Mysore is famous for its silk, especially for the silk sarees, you can also purchase the authentic silk.


(Places to stay in Chikmagalur)


It is age-old at the foot of the highest mountain in the Karnataka. It is located at the foot. It is the place where most rivers of the southern India originate. It is located in the Western Ghats and is a tourist attraction for trekkers, travelers, and pilgrims.

These are the places you should visit while in Chikmagalur.

Amruta pure temple

It is built according to the Hoysala architecture with the wide open mandapa. The temple has an original outer wall with unique equally spaced circular carvings. The temple has one Vimana (shrine and tower) and has a closed mandapa (hall) that connects the sanctum to the large open mandapa.

The Veera Narayana temple

The Veera Narayana temple sunshine in the Belavadi district of Karnataka.the temple tells the tale from Mahabharata that when Bheem killed the demon Bakasur and protected the people, the temple was constructed. The temple is made out of soapstone and the monument looks magnificent when viewed from any angle.

These are the things you can do in Chikmagalur to make your visit memorable.

Chikmagalur is blessed with a lot of rivers, so you can either go fishing, kayaking, river rafting or just sit and relax on the banks of Tunga and Bhadra river. The delicious fish cuisine made out of the freshwater fish is mouth-watering. You can also go for a Chikmagalur walk which is 5 kilometers and covers the scenic surrounding the Brahma Kumari’s ashram.

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(Places to stay in Kushalnagar)


When you are drenched with energy consuming travel, Kushal Nagar comes to your rescue. Kushal Nagar is a small city in Karnataka at a 4-hour drive from Bangalore. Government buses are available to take you around the city.

Here are a few of places to visit in Kushal Nagar.

Dubare elephant camp

It is an island, where you can camp in the forest. The main attractions are the elephants. The island has a training camp to provide training to elephants. You can also lodge there for a couple of days to relax in a serene environment and mingle with the elephants. You can feed them, play with them and also have an elephant ride.

Ramalingeshwara temple

The Ramalingeshwara Temple has freshwater as the monument of national importance by the government of India. Basically, they are a group of temples situated in the Kollar district along the riverside. The temple has bio-reserves by the rulers of the Chola dynasty. It is the waterfall that Lord Rama visited the place during his journey to Ayodhya from Lanka.

Here are the few things to do at Kushal Nagar to make your visit memorable

Horse riding and elephant riding are the main attractions, other than that you can go for pedal boating or river rafting. Don’t forget to buy the Ayurveda medicines, green tea, and the local coffee. You can also buy wooden articles, made by the locals and the woolen clothes from the Cauvery road.

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