You must be wondering why we have referred Kerala as the land of god? It is a very common reaction for all those people who have yet not discovered Kerala, which the state located on the southernmost coastal peninsula of India. There are several reasons that can really justify that the state is the land of gods. Lets’ see some of the reasons why people who have discovered or resident of Kerala refer it as paradise on earth or place, which God must have specially designed for taking peace giving rest.

  • In the state, you can find everywhere coconut trees, which offer the state an amazing look.
  • In the state, you can spend most cherished moments on the sandy beaches, which will remember you whenever you turn the pages of your album and bring a little smile even when you feel depressed.
  • The state is located in regions of the Western Ghats of southern India, enriches the statewide varied species of flora and fauna. In addition, you can find lush greenery everywhere, which will offer you a look of paradise on earth.
  • The state is on the bank of Arabian Sea; thus, most of the regions of the state are the hub of harbors and at the same time offer clean and blue sea water and golden beaches where you can spend hundreds of years without getting bored for even a single moment with your beloved ones.
  • Further, backwaters, hills, and mountains of the state act like gems for the state, which makes it the perfect destination for tourists who want to peace, fun, adventure, discover the new culture, and so on.
  • From the time India was discovered by discoverers the state is famous across the world because of spices.
  • In the state, if you are really interested in discovering new culture you will get numerous opportunities to the residents of Kerala still preserving their tradition. You will be served traditional cuisines of the state in similar ways like they were served thousands of years ago. You can also be part of their festivals and view the rituals and famous dances like Kathakali and Mohini Attam.
  • Even if we talk about religion, the state is most literate state of India and above all one can find residents of the state visiting and respect different religions and religious beliefs, which is a benchmark for the world to learn high-level religious tolerance.
  • In addition, the state becomes the paradise of the world also because of its rainforests, tea gardens, eco-tourism, great hospitality offered by local people, and so on.

Although, almost each corner of Kerala can attract tourists because of its unusual beauty; however, for traveling each destination is almost impossible for most of the tourists. Therefore, let’s bring light to top 5 destinations of Kerala where you must visit whenever you pack for tour and travel in India.


(Places to stay in Tiruvanthpuram)

Tiruvanthpuram is the city of Kerala state and like any other cosmopolitan cities, the city also remains crowded. People from different corners of India visit the city for the job, education, religious tours & travel, spending exotic vacations, and for several other reasons. However, the major part of the crowd is of tourists who are visiting Tiruvanthpuram for spending their holiday and the travelers coming here are not only from different states of India but also across the world. The city is between hills of Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, which offers it awesome natural beauty as well as the look and this, is one of the major reasons that make the city hottest tourists’ attraction in the world. However, if you really want to make your visit to the city comfortable and get loads of fun then you must visit Tiruvanthpuram from December to March.

Most adorable places of Tiruvanthpuram

Chacha Nehru Children’s Museum

Chacha Nehru Children's Museum

It is the unique museum, which had been specially designed for children. In this museum, your children can see and play with an array of choices of dolls, toys, masks, painting, and other things that can make you and your kids happy. Further, around the museum, there is the huge garden where you can spend a great time with your family by enjoying a picnic.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple


If you are really an art-loving person then you will never find a place like Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. Recently the temple became famous across the world as it is the most riches temple across the world. In addition, due to masterpiece architecture made on the walls of the temple will attract art loving people just like the magnet.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

If you have visited Kerala and not spent time at Kovalam Beach then you must know your trip to the state is incomplete. Kovalam Beach is the most famous beach on the Arabian Sea as it has clean and blue water. Further, it is the perfect spot where you can go for swimming as well as view the amazing sunrise as well as the sun set by just sitting on the golden sand with your beloved companions.

The most adorable things that you can do in Tiruvanthpuram

At Tiruvanthpuram you can do a lot of shopping of handmade products manufactured by local people. Further, you can view the most peace giving sunset at Veli beach. In Tiruvanthpuram you can also get the relaxing Ayurvedic massage and enjoy the traditional Kathakali Dance. Above all, you can get a great mental peace because of the lush greenery of the city, which you can find everywhere around Tiruvanthpuram.


(Places to stay in Wayanad)

In case you are wondering to spend time in heaven by living on this earth then you must arrange your trip to Wayanad. Although the place is the semi-urban region of Kerala still you can get peace of mind at this place nowhere else across the world. Wayanad is surrounded by forest, hills, farms, and even you will find it always least crowded around the year. As the district of the Kerala is at foothills of Western Ghats; thus, you can find pleasing climatic condition over here all around the year.

The most peace giving and adventurous places that you can visit in Wayanad are:

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary wayanad

The wildlife sanctuary is the perfect destination for all those people having interest in forest safari. In the wildlife sanctuary, tourists can view rarest trees and herbs used for preparing Ayurvedic medicines. Further, in the wildlife sanctuary during the safari, you may get the chance to view Indian elephants, tigers, leopards, boars, and other endangered species of animals.

Meppadi Hills

Chembra Meppadi Hills

Meppadi Hills proved to be the hottest place for all those people who are starving to see virgin natural beauty, which can offer them utmost peace of mind. Further, the hills offer a great opportunity to hikers and mountaineers. In addition, if you are with your family in Kerala and looking for the best place for a picnic then also Meppadi Hills will serve your need in the perfect way.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves wayanad

If you believe in time machine then you should visit Edakkal Caves once. The caves are located in the most remote area of Western Ghats. On the walls of the cave, you can find the picture, which was the only medium to convey messages during 6000 BCE. According to the historians, the pictorial writings are drawn by the Neolithic men. Thus, the place will offer you most unique experience like you never had.

The most interesting things that tourists can do at Wayanad

In Wayanad, there are several things that one can do although having interest in varied things. At this awesome place tourists can go for hiking, take peace giving walk-in huge tea estates, can arrange picnic near peaceful rivers and lakes, go for adventurous wildlife safari, and if you are you are looking for calm and private place to spend auspicious time with your beloved companion you can walk or sit in farms.


(Places to stay in Alappuzha)

Alappuzha is one of the less crowded yet beautiful cities of Kerala also named as Alleppey. The city has the huge network of canals, which get connected to backwaters of Kerala and due to this reason the city is also at times termed as “Venice” of India. Although the city has become modernized due to globalization still when you turn each stone of the city you will find that is intact with its traditional culture, rituals, cuisines, and several other things that connect its glorious past. If you are really planning to visit this awesome city then monsoon tourism will be the best choice in front of you.

Let’s talk about some of major tourists’ attraction of Alappuzha where you must visit.



If you love to see historical things and having a keen interest in discovering such things then you must visit once Karumadikkuttan. It is a unique place in itself as it has one of the oldest black granite Buddha idol, which was built during the 9th century. At present, the idol or status is kept under the supervision of Archeological Department of India, which is open for tourists.



Marari-beach is an awesome picnic as well as the spiritual destination for tourists visiting Kerala as at this place you can find old Mahadev Temple and Arthunkal church. You can reach the place easily by boat, bus, or by booking private cabs or taxis.

Sreekrishna Swamy Temple

Sreekrishna Swamy Temple

Sreekrishna Swamy Temple is one of the oldest temples of Kerala as well as of India as the temple was built during the 15th century. In the temple, you will be served with Paal-Payasam, which every people visit here to get. The taste of Paal-Payasam is amazing but the recipe is secret till date.

Things that you do in Alappuzha are as follows:

At this amazing place, tourists can hang out at Alleppey Beach, which India’s mostly flat, clean, and covers large area so that at any point in time you will not feel crowded at this beach. Further, when you are at Alappuzha you can also go to Krishnendu Ayurveda Wellness Center where you can personally meet the doctors specializing in Ayurvedic treatment for several physical and mental problems.


(Places to stay in Munnar)

Munnar is the famous hill station as well as tourists’ attraction from the time when British were ruling India. The whole area of Munnar serves is typical holiday resort for all the tourists visiting the place from India or overseas. From the district of Munnar, tourists can find three rivers flowing named as Madupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru, which intermingle further in the district. Thus, you can find matchless natural beauty in the hill station because of mountains, hills, tea plantations, and so on.

Most searched destinations of Munnar

Atukkad Waterfalls


Atukkad Waterfalls can be referred as both romantic as well as the adventurous site of Munnar. For reaching the destination you have to cross much narrow hill roads. Further, around this waterfall tourists can find rich sources of flora and fauna, where one can sit for several hours without any interference.

Kundala Lake

Kundala Lake munnar

The lake is the most charming and peace offering place that anyone can find in Munnar. The whole surrounding of the lake will offer you the heavenly view of hills, forests, lush greenery, and above all in monsoon the clouds covering the sky add more beauty to the place.

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak munnar

Anamudi Peak is located in the midst of Eravikulam National Park; thus, the finest blend of forest and peak make the place best ever destination for any tourist to spend an exotic vacation here. Further, the peak is the highest peak of the southern region of India as its height is about 2,695 m.

Unique things that tourists can do at Munnar are:

At Munnar, tourists can go for boating in peaceful water of rivers and lakes of the hill station. Further, if you are an adventure loving person you can also get the great opportunity for rock and mountain climbing. In addition, you can enjoy the elephant ride, which is very cheap and very useful when you want to discover the forest of Munnar.


(Places to stay in Idukki)

Have you ever fantasized to be at the place where you can feel the clouds and find a heavenly peace in the midst of lush greenery covering hills and till the point where your eye can view? If your answer is “Yes” then it will be no more fantasy as you can now easily arrange a trip to Idukki, which will bring you dream into pleasing reality.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve idukki

At Idukki, you can visit Periyar Tiger Reserve, which is the specially protected region for Indian tigers where tourists can go for safari with the permission and under the guidance of forest rangers. If this tiger reserve, you will get most amazing opportunity to see tigers in their natural habitat.

The Cheeyappara Waterfall

The Cheeyappara Waterfall

The Cheeyappara Waterfall is yet another hottest destination for tourists visiting Idukki. The waterfall is divided into seven steps were usually tourists prefer to go for trekking and mostly for click snaps that will remain in their memories forever.



Ramakkalmedu is the famous hill station sited in the district of Idukki, which is 3500 above sea level. The climate of the hill station is cool and calm like any other hill stations of India. However, the thing that differentiates it from other hottest destinations of India is constantly blowing cool wind.

The things that you can do at Idukki to make your vacation most memorable one

As discussed earlier Idukki is covered with hills, mountains, waterfalls, and forests. Therefore, at this place you can get loads of fun by going for trekking, forest safari, sitting and watching the irresistible scenery, and get the peaceful atmosphere far away from crowded and polluted cities.

For Explore the best accommodations in Kerala, take a look at our Homestay in Kerala to help you to plan a visit in this fantastic place of India.


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