Holiday in Goa

Tucked in the western coast, Goa offersits visitors, a happening night life with sand beaches and a 300 year old Portuguese impact. The culture of Goa has a lingering effect of its colonial era, clearly depicted in its architecture, art, food and music. With its colourful houses, lush green fields and roaring sea beaches, Goa serves as a perfect vacation destination. With its fun, frivolity and agility of lively beaches, architecture, bustling with music of laughter and enjoyment, Goa attracts people of all age and kinds.

Known as the city of churches, Goa has a lot more to offer than the sea and the sun. The inherited architecturehaving an influence of both Portuguese and Indian culture, clearly show cases the majesticity in vogue. The striking difference between the south and the north is what makes Goa diverse. The south, being clad with luxury and touristy sea beaches, whereas the latter having a local goan environment with the markets, offering Malvani delicacies which satiate your taste buds.

Goa provides a respite, not only for the tourists on an appointment with nature, it is also the place for crazy parties and a vivacious night-life. The ultimate tourist destination of India, Goa promises to be something special for all types of travellers.

The city areas like Panaji, Margoa or Vasco da Gama are far different from that of the villages. Villages are the heart of Goa. It’s the villages which hold the charm and character of Goa. Living in agoan village gives you a slow paced life, which can be optimum if you wish to relax and spend quality time with yourself in solitude. The best experience is to stroll aimlessly in the awe of nature and admire its beauty in a goan village.

Goa has many faces, the coast is very different from the hinterland. Not only geographically, but also during the different phases of a day, Goa changes its veil periodically, casting its magical beauty of nature in the mornings, to the busy, and bustling afternoons in the afternoon to the sea clad sun sets at the beaches and finally the colourful and flavorous night parties under the star studded sky.

Goa is very well connected by trains, Air-ways and road ways. The nearest airport is the Dabolim airport in Vasco da Gama.

Goa itself is a wholesome collection of fantastic monuments, natural beauty and life, but there are a lot of places which in particular make you fall in love with the state.

Baga beach

Baga Beach Goa

Baga is in the state of Goa. It is located in the western India. The famous tourist attraction is its beach as well as the forts of Aguada and Chapora. The world famous Anjuna beach sea market is also a great spot for local shopping.Baga Beach is also famous for water sports such as parasailing and banana rides, and dolphin cruises. It offers a traditional coastal view of Goa, with the boats rowed in line and fishing nets prepared to catch the local sea fish.

Things to do at Baga beach

You can have a relaxing day lying in the sun and tanning, or you can eat at the local shags on the beach. The local seafood is delicious and the mouth-watering authentic kaju fenny is what you need for a perfect beach day. You can even go on s shopping spree at the flea market which offers local handmade jewellery and show pieces.

Calangute beach


With its charm and beauty along with the crazy night life, known as the “queen of beaches”, Calangute beach is also one of the top ten bathing beaches of the world. Its serene yet roaring atmosphere is the secret behind its reign over the ocean paradise. Located near Panaji, this beach offers a diverse range of water sports and other fun games. This beach demonstrates the authentic goan culture and guarantees you a quality time with your loved ones.

Things to do at Calangute beach

The beach is world famous for its kayaking, para sailing and fishing. You can try dolphin spotting at the rivers of Zuari and Mandovi. Also, the place is perfect to shop for fabrics and local jewellery shopping. Also, you can enjoy strolling and lying lazy in the sand under your beach umbrella and enjoy a local refreshment from the shacks.

Palolem beach

palolem Beach

Enchanting tourists with its scenic beauty, Palolem beach is perhaps the most beautiful beaches in is covered by thick green coconut trees and palms. Located in south goa, the long, shady, semi-circular beach transforms into a golden, sandy youthful beach after a mile. It is famous for its diversified crowd and beach cottages. These cottages are a treat to stay and are run by goan locals. The gentle slope with a subtle sea breeze, makes it calm and beautiful.

Things to do at the Palolem beach

You should never miss the sunset here. It is stunningly beautiful. You can also go scuba diving as it is one of the best places to explore the sea. Also, you can try practicing yoga at one of the local centres. You can give yourself a soothing treat by relaxing with a yoga massage with Ayurveda products. At night, the famous Arabian night are a must watch.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach in Goa is a perfect paradise for beach lovers. Situated just in the west of Mapusa town, this beach is blessed with an array of red laterite rocks. It is beautifully embellished with picturesque sceneries and so the place is reckoned among the hottest tourist destination of India. The credible palms and rocky crescent give great pleasure to be at Anjuna Beach. It’s distinguished due to the formation of unusual rock placed on a small inlet of white sand and black rock protruding into the sea.

Things to do at the Anjuna beach

Anjuna is famous for its picturesque views and aesthetics, thus, you can visit the nearby Alberque fort or the Chapora fort. Also, if you are an adventure freak, you can go for paragliding and treasure hunting. If you visit Anjuna beach on Wednesdays, you can also street shop at the local flea market.

The basilica of Bom Jesus

The basilica of Bom Jesus

It is the most famous church around the world. It is visited by Christians from all over the world. It is the only church which is not plastered and the building is an age old was constructed in the 1530s, and later was possessed by the Portuguese government. The church is famous for its spiritual powers. The architecture is of the Victorian era.

DudhSagar falls

DudhSagar falls

If you think that beaches are the only natural beauty in Goa, then you are mistaken. The most famous falls of all in India, the DudhSagar falls mark their presence in this beautiful state. A four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River. It is 60 km from Panaji by road. It is the tallest waterfalls in India. The waterfalls form a border between the state of Karnataka and Goa. Complying with its literal meaning, Dudhsagar falls give us a view of a lifetime.

Things to do at the Dudhsagar falls

These waterfalls are famous for the trek. Starting the trek from Kulem and follow the jeep trail until the bottom of the waterfall. Bathing under the water falls is very risky and not advised.

Aguada fort


It is the perfect example of Portuguese architecture with a light house and a fort. The fort was constructed in 17th century Portuguese Fort standing till date on Sinquerim Beach, Goa. Built in 1612 as a protection from Dutch and Marathas, it is the most priced and crucial fort for Portuguese and covers the entire peninsula at the south western tip of Bardez. Overlooking the confluence of Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea, the scenic beauty, verdant landscapes, mind-boggling views and the historical importance allures tourists from all over the world.

Things to do at the Aguada fort

You can see the confluence of river Mandovi with the Arabian Sea and also go for dolphin watching. The exploration of fort can also be a great idea if you are interested in history.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula

Dona Paula is one of the most happening beaches in Goa. The beach is the witness of the power of love and passion for couples and honeymooners. Dona Paula is a symbol of infuriated love and also the confluence of two rivers, Mandovi and Zuari to the Arabian Sea. The place is a perfect spot to sunbathe and relax. There is famous legend behind this tourist spot about the love story of two lovers who died when they were separated.

Things to do at Dona Paula

It has a lot of water sports like Windsurfing, water-skiing, swimming, parasailing, ski-bob, kayaking, yachting, sports fishing, toboggan ski-biscuit and snorkelling can be enjoyed here for those who want to experience an adrenaline rush. The Dona Paula Sports Club also offers a water-scooter, cycle and motorboat ride.

Agonda beach


If you are a solitary person and do not enjoy noise, then this beach is the place for you. Agonda beach offers you a quiet place to meditate and enjoy the company of the nature. The beach is not recommended for swimming, but it is a great destination to calm your mind and enjoy the sunset drinking a favourite local beverage.

Butterfly beach


Butterfly beach is a petit beach which lies near the Palolem Beach, South Goa. It gets its name from the white sands and translucent waters. It lies behind a heavily thick forest and hence forms a perfect combination of green, blue and white. Not many people know about this place but those who have visited cannot stop praising its beauty.The beauty of this beach makes it a paradise. It takes you into the arms of calmness and gives you a blissful experience.The clear sky above and the semi-circle shaped landscape makes it one of the most photogenic beach paradises in the world.

Vagator beach

Vagator beach

If you want a revitalizing beach experience, then Vagator beach is the place for you. The place offers a serene environment with the sun set view which is spectacular. This place is a must visit for honeymooners and couples who wish to spend quality time with each other. This beach is donned with the huge palm and coconut trees. The beach has both rocky and sandy surface, so you can either sit onthe rocks or play in the sand. There are two fresh water springs and a high cliff, where you can click a lot of pictures and enjoy the view.

Things to do at the Vagator beach

There are also a lot of water sports near the Vagator beach like kayaking, rafting, banana boats, etc. Travellers also have the option of trekking the Chapora fort and view the Morijim beach. Swimming is not advised here.

Mangeshi temple

Mangeshi temple

It is one of the most frequently visited temples in Goa. The temple is said to be the place of worship of lord Mangesh, the incarnation of the Lord Shiva. This 400 year old temple has An exquisite structure, and a pillar of lamps, known as the deep sthambha, where every night, the lamps are lit and the temple looks beautiful.

Things to do at the Mangeshi temple

You can participate at the sacred puja and aarti in the temple, but make sure you dress according to their customs as the temple has its own culture and traditions which tourists need to respect. You can also enjoy the delicacies of the local Malvani cuisine, made by village women.


From sea and sand beaches to the forts and the fun filled night life to the divine temples, Goa offers everything you crave for a perfect holiday. You can visit Goa anytime of the year, but the best time is to visit it two months before winters. It is an ideal destination for a group of friends, Honeymooners or families with children. Why wait when the fun filled Goa calls you to explore it to the fullest.

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