Places to stay in wayanad

Wayanad is the green paradise which is surrounded by the mountains of the Western Ghats that creates the border world of green part of Kerala. This is highly clean and like new, captivating land which is filled up with the history as well as culture. It is situated 76 km away from the seashore of the Kozhikode. This hill station is full of the plantations, forests as well as wildlife. The weather at this place is decent just throughout the year. The rainfall areas of this place are Lakkidi, Vyithiri, and Meppadi. The place is filled up with the enchanting waterfalls, historical carves, resorts, homestays and wildlife.

This place is among one of the most attractive places among the areas of the Kerala which gave numerous options to the visitors to visit. This place is situated at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is completely surrounded by the forests and the hilly ranges. It is a great place for spotting the wild elephants, cool breeze, and beautiful scenery. The travel at this place will surely make you satisfied. This place is one of the best weekend places to visit.

The wildlife sanctuary at this place offers a huge range of the flora and fauna. Also, the weather at this place is highly pleasant throughout the year. This place will make you go crazy due to its graded treks.

The greatest part about this place is that you can commute here through the bus, air, or train. This place all kind of the transportation such that the individual can take the flight, train or just a bus to reach the place. Somewhat difficult to access as the railway and airport are 100 km away from this place.

For Whom Wayanad Is Best?


This place is just perfect for the wildlife as well as the nature lovers. This place is carried out as the weekend gateway from the nearby cities such as the Bangalore Munnar and Coimbatore. For the family, it is an ideal trip.

What to eat in Wayanad?


Here at this place, you can the blend of the influences from the Arab, Brahmin, Zamorin, and Chirrakar food which are really delicious. The North of the Wayanad is famous for the Konkani fares. Few dishes which are a must try here are Dum Biryani, Malabar paratha, or rice bread and ghee and as well the saffron rice. Also, some of the famous things you can get here are Ghee Roast Dosa, Appams and Idlis and Toddy which are fermented locally alcohol made from the palm trees and coconut palms.

SightSeeing in Wayanad:

There are various places which needs to be on the must-do list if you are planning the trip at this place. Surely the trip at this [place will make you feel amazed as the place is highly attracted. Thus if you have never been to this place then, visit the place. Here are some of the most known sightseeing places of this place are:

Chembra Peak:

Chembra Peak

This peak is situated at the height of the 2100 metres in the Southern part of the Wayanad nearby the Meppadi. At this region this place this is one of the tallest peaks and climbing at this will test a person ability. Climbing to this peak will give you the exhilarating experience as at each level during the climbing you will find the unfolds and its view gets wider when an individual goes up to the summit. It takes full one day to climb up and get down this peak. The camp at the top of the peak will surely give you the unforgettable experience.



This place is situated in the south-eastern part of the Wayanad and it is nearby to the Kalpetta as and the Sulthan Bathery. This place is great for the individuals who love trekking as this gives options of various trekking routes. At the top of this place, the sight is just breathtaking and view of this place is amazing due to the Meenmutty falls foreground.

Meenmutty waterfalls

Meenmutty waterfalls

This waterfall is located nearby the Neelimala trek. This waterfall is highly spectacular and easy to be reached just with 2 km trek. The trek from the main road connects both Ooty as well as Wayanad. In this district, this waterfall is one of the largest falls with three levels of the fall which drop from about 300 metres.



This is just another waterfall found at this place which attracts most of the visitors who visit at Wayanad. This waterfall is located nearby to the Sulthan Bathery and it is in the Northern part of the Wayanad. While comparing it meenmutty, this waterfall is smaller in the size. The falls, as well as the adjoining areas, are just ideal for the Locales for the trekking. For bird lovers, this fall is just a favourite haunt.



This place is located deep in the forest of the Brahmagiri Hills at an altitude of the 1700 m. This region comprises with the large boulders. The deep caves which found here are home to the wide range of the birds, animals, and other species of the plants. The place is located nearby the Manthavady and a visit to this place needs a trek route of the 7 km through forest starting from the Thiruneli. For accessing this place the visitors need to take the permission of DFO North Wayanad.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam

The Banasura Sagar Dam is recognized as one of the largest dams on the earth in all over the India. This dam is situated in the South Western part of the Wayanad and is nearby to the Karalad Lake. The project area of this Dam is a starting point for the treks to Banasura Peak. The most amazing thing about here is the set of the Island which is formed when the reservoir is submerged in surrounding area.

All the sightseeing places of the Wayanad are highly captivating. Thus, while seeing all these captivating areas at this place you may also shop for some of the things which are specialities of this place such as the spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal products. Overall Wayanad is a unique place which is located in an elevated picturesque, mountainous plateau in the Western Ghats. Here the vast stretches of the mist with capped mountains, green meadows of valleys, but water springs, blue water lakes, and wild forests which gives the marvellous natural beauty of this place.

Best places to stay in Wayanad During Your Trip:

Athithi Inn Homestay:

Athithi Inn Homestay

Located in Padivayal, Vaduvanchal, Wayanad. This homestay in Wayanad is the highly great place for the accommodation at this place. It is surrounded by picturesque nature- blue skies above the tranquil river below, tall trees around and the majestic mountains behind the gentle breeze caressing you, that allows you to relax and rejuvenate. It is perfect for the holiday trip then, whether you are travelling alone or with your family or the friends.  The benefit of staying at this homestay is that you can communicate with local culture, language, action, and customs.  You can discover the nature and gives you the wonderful view of scenic environment and mountain makes you feel on top of a globe.  The amenities which this homestay offers are Parking, room service, and ironing facilities. You can have the packed lunch too with this homestay with the paid service.

Lovely Lake View Cottage:

Lovely Lake View Cottage

This cottage is highly beautiful and it offers the cool, cosy, and comfortable three bedroom villa in the average of the lush green ambience where you will get a great service. Here Nature is the main attraction in the cottage. Here you can capture the picturesque view with the calm, pristine, lake from the cottage window. The cottage is being enclosed by the greenery that provides oxygen-rich, unpolluted breeze, and chirping birds. The amenities which this cottage you will get are parking, room service, ironing.  Also, the packed lunch is also provided by this cottage as the paid service.

Green Vista Homestay:

Greens Vista Homestay

This homestay is also very beautiful which gives you an opportunity to go through all kinds of the natural wonders. For our guest, they offer you the warm hospitality for the guests. Well, homestay is surrounded by the beauty that takes you around the world and gives you the amazing experience.  The amenities which these homestay offers are parking, room service, ironing facility. The paid service which this homestay offers is a car and packed lunch.

Rustic Wild Wayanad Homestay:

Rustic Wild Wayanad

This homestay is located in the Wayanad which is enclosed in the heart of the vast green valley in pan valley. This homestay offers the great experience of the countryside and wilderness, amid hills, forest streams, paddy fields. Here the coffee and plantations are there with the three cosy rooms perfect for the family.  The amenities which this homestay offers WiFi, TV, Parking, Ironing Facility, and Room Service.  Also, this homestay offers the packed lunch as the paid service.

Rest and Peace Villa:

Rest And Peace Villa

It is a beautiful villa which offers 24-hour room service to their guests, This villa offers the double room which is perfect for the couple and has the attached bathroom. This homestay will offer you the best moments of life. The amenities which this villa offers are parking, washing machine, breakfast, heating, room service. The paid service which this villa offers is an evening meal and car.

Kripa Cottage:

Kripa Cottage

This cottage is situated near the Kripa hospital in the Wayanad which offers 24-hour room service. They offer the double room for their fully furnished attached bathrooms and gave you the delightful experience.  Here you can enjoy the real homestay atmosphere which can have you the best moments of your life.  The amenities which this cottage offers to the individual is washing machine, room service, parking, breakfast and the TV. This cottage also offers you the paid service such as the evening meal and packed lunch too.

Aranyakam Homestay Wayanad:

Aranyakam Homestay

This place offers the misty hills and surrounded by the lush green forests. This homestay has wonderful ambience which makes your stay at this place amazing. The service also offered by the homestay is amazing. The amenities which these homestay offers are parking and room service. Also, this homestay offers some of the paid services such as the evening meal and packed lunch.

Olives Homestay Kalpetta:

Olives Homestay

This homestay is nearby the warehouse pinangode road which is very beautiful and offers honeymoon suites for the couples with their premium luxury rooms with great facilities and amazing views for having the memory as well as the wonderful homestay. The amenities this homestay will offer is parking and room service.

Sahyadri Homestay Kerala:

Sahyadri Homestay Kerala

This homestay is situated in the Puthoor, and it is no wonder that this homestay will offer you mesmerizing vision. You can stay in this if you are going with your family to this place for the trip to the Wayanad. Surely this place will make your trip highly amazing and mesmerizing. The amenities this homestay offers to their guests for free are parking as well as the room service.

Wayanad Holiday Home:

Wayanad Holiday Homes

This homestay is located at the Munderi Road and this homestay is surrounded by the beautiful scenes as well as the lush green forests that will make you go crazy about this homestay. This homestay was highly known for its great service which it offers. It is obvious that this homestay will give you the wonderful and amazing experience which will make you cherish it forever in your whole life. The free amenities which this homestay offers to their guest are parking as well as the room service without any extra charges.


If you are planning your trip to the Wyanad, then it is totally sure that it will give you the mesmerising experience which you can cherish whole life. There is various homestay in Wayanad which can give you the feeling that you are staying at your home only. These accommodations are really great as the value for your money.


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