Although if you start finding hill stations in India you will come across several names when it comes to most ethnic, spiritual, economical, and friendly people Mahabaleshwar will always stand ahead. Mahabaleshwar is located in Maharashtra state of India, which approximately 1372 meters above sea level. Since the hill station is a high altitude; therefore, in any season you will find here cool and pleasing atmosphere for which millions of tourists starve. The hill station has most alluring beauty because of hills, valleys, lush greenery, and streams of water fall from hills. Further, the famous river of India named Krishna also flows from the hill station, which enriches the forest area within the hill station. In addition, Mahabaleshwar is also famous across the world because of its strawberry plantation and the place contributes almost 85% strawberry production of India.

While spending your vacation in Mahabaleshwar along with natural beauty you and your companions can also get great chance to visit different places where you can see some of the special aspects of the hill station. Out of several destination there are few places in Mahabaleshwar where you must visit like Arthur’s Seat, Babington Point, Bombay Point, Elephant’s Head Point, Kate’s Point, Lingamala Falls, Lodwick Point, Wilson Point, Shri Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad, Venna Lake, and several other places, which you will always cherish your memories whenever you remember your time spent in the hill station. In addition, in the hill station, you do several activities like boating, horse riding, view farms & beautiful landscapes, trekking, and can watch peace giving as well as romantic sunrise and sunset that will make your vacation more graceful like never before.

Most comfortable, luxury class and budgeted places to stay in Mahabaleshwar

Since Mahabaleshwar is one of the renowned hill station of India where millions of tourists from across India and world visit every year; therefore, you can find several hotels and lodges over here. However, in order to feel the real beauty of Mahabaleshwar, you must book homestays, which you can do easily 24*7 by just logging to the official websites of homestay service providers online. Let’s talk about some of the most attractive homestays and bungalows where you can stay in Mahabaleshwar.

Stay at an Heritage Homestay

Stay At An Heritage Homestay

Stay at an Heritage Homestay is ideally located at the very beautiful location as from here you can reach Lingama Waterfall in few minutes. In addition, the homestay in Mahabaleshwar is surrounded by hills and forest where you and your companions can rediscover the definition of peace giving the place on earth. The homestay is perfect tourists visiting Mahabaleshwar in a large group as the homestay can accommodate 20 guests in its 10 rooms having 10 double beds.

Soil Homestay

Soil Homestay

The Soil Homestay is another hottest homestay available in Mahabaleshwar. The major thing that makes it perfect homestay is its close proximity to Barshey Rhododendron Sanctuary, which can offer you ample opportunity to go for the wildlife safari. The homestay in Mahabaleshwar has well designed and furnished 2 rooms and offers 2 beds, which best for tourist coming to the hill station in a group of four people.

Classy Homestay

classy Homestay

Classy Homestay is one of the most budgeted accommodations available in Mahabaleshwar wherein limited budget you can afford to get almost every ultra modern amenity along with comfort as well as peace of mind in heart of natural surroundings. Further, the homestay is also putting great option of 2 rooms with 2 large beds in which 4 people can stay without any kind of hassle.

Clean and Beautiful Bungalow

Clean and Beautiful Bungalow

The bungalow is located in the awesome surrounding of Western Ghats, where with views of hills, greenery, and landscapes you will feel like staying in paradise. At this bungalow in Mahabaleshwar, you will be able to breathe the purest form of air and can feel the eternal peace of mind. Although the bungalow is providing 4 rooms it will be better term each room a hall where you can find 16 beds and the rooms and beds have the capacity to accommodate almost 80 guests.

2 Bedroom Bungalow

2 Bedroom Bungalow In Mahabaleshwar

In this bungalow, in Mahabaleshwar, you and your companions will really get the first and unique chance to spend the valuable time with the local family of the hill station. The owner of the bungalow are very nice people and possess great hospitality, which will really make you stay in the bungalow exciting as well as proves to be very helpful for your group. The bungalow is putting forward well maintained 2 rooms having neat and clean 2 beds best suited for maximum 4 guests.

 Attractive Breeze In Bungalow

Attractive Breeze In Bunglow In Mahabaleshwar

You may find several bungalows in Mahabaleshwar but when it comes to location and kind of hospitality you are getting you will never be able to find the place like Attractive Breeze In Bungalow. The bungalow is surrounded by green valleys and hills, which makes it most beautiful during early morning and in evening. The bungalow is huge; thus, presenting 6 rooms for staying with 6 beds where almost 12 guests can easily accommodate.

4 BHK Bungalow

4 BHK Bungalow

The 4 BHK Bungalow is of the bungalows in Mahabaleshwar where along with easy proximity to the different place you will also get several ultra modern amenities under one roof. Further, the bungalow is a few minutes away from Pune International Airport. The bungalow is providing 1 large-sized room in which well-maintained 4 beds are kept that can offer the most comfortable stay to 8 guests.

Amazing Sai Bungalow

Amazing Sai Bungalow

Among several bungalows, in Mahabaleshwar, the most special thing about Amazing Sai Bungalow is that it is just a few minutes away from Mapro Garden. Further, the bungalow is just a few minutes away from Venna Lake of the hill station. In the bungalow, there are 8 rooms available along with 8 cozy beds best suited for 16 guests.

Beautiful Stay Cottage

Beautiful Stay Cottage

In Beautiful Stay Cottage tourists can get golden chance to reside with the owner of the cottage as well as the local resident of Mahabaleshwar. The family is very helpful and known for offering great hospitality to guests. The cottage in Mahabaleshwar is ready to serve you 4 rooms with 16 cozy and comfort giving beds where almost 32 guests can spend a great time.

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