Best options to stay in Coorg during vacation

Coorg is a tourist friendly town situated in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. This beautiful town attracts lots of tourists every year due to its natural beauty, the aromatic coffee plantations and the lush green thick forest with rare species of flora and fauna. The place is an ideal destination for those who wish to be with nature and enjoy its marvel.

The main places of tourist attractions in Coorg are the abbey falls, the waterfalls are located in the river Cauvery and have a heavy flow with roaring sound of the water. The place looks beautiful from a hanging bridge built near it. The other place of attraction is the madikeri fort and the raja’s seat. The rulers of Kodagu built it for the kings to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature from the mountain. The monument has elephant statues on both side and gives a splendid view of Coorg. For those who wish to trek or go on a treasure hunt in the wild, the Nagrahole national park is the best choice.

There are a lot of options to stay in Coorg as the place is always full of tourists. However, finding a good accommodation can be a challenging task. Tourists are now a days willing to stay in the homestays in Coorg as they find them luxurious and reasonably priced.

Glamorous homestay

Glamorous homestay

This homestay is an entire cottage with a separate kitchen, dining area and a huge garden. The cottage offers spacious rooms and other amenities like parking and an amazing service to its guests. Staying in this cottage is ideal for families with small children. There is a lot of space to even camp out and play. You can even cook in the entirely functional kitchen.

Beautiful homestay

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Homestay in Coorg

This homestay cottage in Coorg is a beautiful three room house with a large offers a great service to its guests. They serve home cooked breakfast and lunch with their locally grown ingredients. The homestay is perfect for couples or small family. It is affordable and yet the guests do not compromise with the facilities provided here.

Wooden coffee homestay

Wooden Coffee Homestay In Coorg

This homestay is a big house and can accommodate more than 30 people. The homestay provides the best services in terms of locally made fresh lunch, guide tours and connectivity. The homestay is very reasonably priced and has an amazing view to the forest and the coffee estates. The facilities here are great and you get a good deal in terms of your budget.

Bed and breakfast homestay

Comfortable Bed & Breakfast Homestay In Coorg

This homestay rooms are a range of 14 private and spacious rooms with all amenities included. The rooms here offer you the view of rice fields, paddy crops, coffee plantations, forest streams and wildlife. The place gives you the experience of a lifetime, by offering you a serene environment and facilities not less that of a luxurious hotel.

Ravishing homestay

The homestays in Coorg offer you with a luxurious suites and rooms for couples. The place is an epitome of class and luxury, with rooms that offer the top class facilities and services to make your journey memorable. The place is a must visit if you crave for a lovely time with your partner.

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