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  • Homestay

    Homestay in Wayanad offer all types of travellers an alternative place to stay. We have homestays all around the India. By staying here you feel something that you won’t in other forms of accommodation, such as local feeling, sharing meals with locals etc.

  • Villas

    The benefits don’t stop there though – when you stay at Private villas with Homevilas. Here you can find your budget and luxury villas in Wayanad for your vacation. These vacation rentals feature private swimming pools for you to enjoy during your stay.

  • Cottages

    Something about the cottage just brings out the storyteller in people. Getting out into nature is what cottaging is all about. Renting a cottage lets you spend all day out in the great outdoors with unique experiences. Here you can find some best cottages in Wayanad.

  • Bungalows

    Private bungalows rentals can be the perfect solution for pet lovers. By staying at these Private bungalows in Wayanad, you can get more space to live during your vacation. Most important benefit of staying here is the more privacy for guests .

  • Serviced Apartments

    Service Apartment is fully furnished apartment with all modern amenities. Whether travelling for business or leisure, alone, with a group or with family serviced apartments can offer a lot of benefits such as more privacy, luxury amenities, Self cooking etc.

  • Farm stay

    Now a days Farmstays are more popular type of accommodation, If you are nature and pet loving then farm stays are perfect stay for your trip. Here at homevilas , we provide farm stay accommodation in more than 50 cities of India. Explore and enjoy.

Wayanad is a beautiful town, blessed with natural beauty in Kerala. The town is a perfect place to dwell in as a tourist and enjoy the company of nature. It is tucked in the Western Ghats with dense green forests and rare forms of vegetation and wild life. Nature has gifted Wayanad lots of attractions in the mountains, forests or the streams flowing through it. Wayanad guarantees you to please your travel senses and serves as a perfect weekend getaway for tourists.

To enjoy your vacation with the beauty and charisma of Wayanad, you have to find a stay which will suit all your requirements. Though there are lots of hotels and guesthouses in Wayanad, they will not cater al your needs for a comfy vacation. To enhance your best moments and find comfort in your stay, there are homestays in Wayanad, created and maintained by the local residents of the town. These homestays are perfect if you wish to find a home away from home.

There are bungalows in Wayanad, which are developed in a way that they give their guests the best of their service with amenities like food, excellent room service, privacy and safety. Also, you can find these homestays quite flexible and easy in gaining services. They leave no stone unturned to make you feel like a royal. Also, there is no hassle of poor maintenance and hygiene as these stays are clean, maintained and preserved in a healthy way. They welcome their guests with open hands and warm hearts to make them a part of their family.

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