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Some Words About Host

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Host are the people that allow the guest to stay in the home with family. Host may be either a man or a woman. They welcome their guest and share the every possible facility, which is provided in the house with the guest. Mutual understanding takes their relationships lifelong.

To become a host nobody requires any specific community, religion, culture, cast or gender. Every host has its own tradition that defines him/her.

The host is a guide to the guest who shows the further roots to the traveler to travel. Greeting the guest with utmost hospitality is the best thing, host can practice.

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Being a host at Homevilas

New Learning excites the spirit in many ways

Experience new people

Interacting with new people is important to have a better experience.

Earn extra Income

Making homestay a source of income is a new trend to have extra revenue.

Create Global unity through relationships

Coordinating and monitoring interactions with people, and building relationships to balance between the different groups.

Opportunity to learn new culture

Learning should never leave behind, especially when we talk about tradition & Culture.

Create everlasting relationships

Where life exists, relationship matters. A great bond leads to mutual respect.

Enjoy cross culture exchange

Promoting mutual culture understanding with guest helps in growing.

Enjoy giving hospitality

Welcome the guest and make him/her visit again.

Make your property famous

Make awareness of your property and become the famous host.

This is truly awesome

Opportunity Strengthens the Change


Our talented Host

Every Host of our company has its own experience


Sanjay Singh Karki

Homevilas Host

Mohan Lal Sahani

Homevilas Host

Takpa Tanzin

Homevilas Host

Mrs Hemant Kumari

Homevilas Host

FAQ ( Frequently asked Question)

1. What is required for a Host ?

Our hosts must be able to provide a comfortable, clean and private bedroom for your guest and to be willing to make them feel just like home with support, conversation, inclusion in personal warmth and family activities.

2. Who are these guests and where do they come from ?

The guest can be of any age group, religion, cast and gender. It can be a family, couple and even solo traveler. They can be from anywhere in the world.

3. Why do I need to get certified to start taking guests ?

Verify host means that we know exactly who the host is and for avoiding any kind of interruption and doubt for the guest. It also means that you have our support 24 hours a day in case there is any problem or emergency.

4. Do I just buy the food or have to cook for my guest ?

This depends on the package you have choose to provide. If you choose to provide meals in the package selected by guest. You need to prepare it or buy it for sure.

5. What is my responsibility if something happens to the guest at my place ?

By agreeing as a host, you are not legally responsible in case of any casualty happened with the guest at your property. They are responsible for their own safety.

6. Do I need to meet the visitor before they arrive ?

You will get all the information about the guest arriving at your place. It is upto you if you want to meet her/him before the arrival at your property. You can even talk on phone or chat to get them rightly.

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